What is the Best Way to Read Basic Poker Tells?

What is the Best Way to Read Basic Poker Tells? Gambling

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If you look at live poker games as other alternative of casino online malaysia either in the casino or on a live telecast, you will often find that many poker players try their very best to stay calm. This is so that they will not broadcast any “tells” that will give the right information to the other players that might cost them the game.

What is a “tell”? Simply put, it is just behavior or a reaction (or sometimes, even from habit) that provides enough information to the players so that they can act accordingly.

The term “poker face” means that you barely react to anything, especially if you first see the cards that you were dealt.

The reason why you want to be as calm, cool, and collected as possible is that you do not want to give your enemies an edge over you. But, despite being so easy to read and understand, it is actually quite challenging to do so in real life.

People who are always excited and are involuntarily giving out any slight reactions could potentially have a lot of losing games simply because of their actions.

What is the Best Way to Read Basic Poker Tells?

So, if you’re planning to play a live poker game, but you want to make sure that you do not give out some “tells” that people might use against you, then what are you going to do?

Well, do not worry! In this article, I will give you some tips to help you with that.

The Things that Tell Other Players You Have a Good Hand

  • You Smile or React Positively- Nothing can tell other players concretely that you have a good hand than giving a slight smile or reacting positively like feeling giddy or something similar. People can pretend not to be happy, but some people just cannot find it in themselves to contain their feelings.
  • Shaking- This is actually a common involuntary movement and this can tell other players that the one you’re holding is something that is really favorable to you.
  • Short Rapid Breaths- When a person gets excited, the body reacts in a way that produces more rapid heartbeats resulting in shorter, more rapid breaths. If players were able to curb their shaking, some people are more prone to telling other people they have a good hand through rapid breaths.
  • Looking at the Chips While in Play- If the player constantly looks or even takes a short glance at their chips, that is another strong indication that they have a good hand.

The Things That Tell Other Players You Have a Bad/Weak Hand

What is the Best Way to Read Basic Poker Tells?

  • Strong Stare Downs- People often find ways to compensate for things. When a player has a weak hand, what they usually do is do a stare down on other players just to indicate a position of strength. However, this is not usually the case as this is just a way for them to somehow broadcast that they do have a strong hand, but in reality, they don’t.
  • Holding Their Breath/ Breathing Heavy- This is common in more inexperienced players. They breathe heavy when they have a weak card and they cannot seem to contain themselves if they are bluffing.


In Poker, you will have an edge over other players if you can try your best to remain calm and collected. Just exhibiting any of these signs would indicate to other players that you either have a strong or weak hand and it can cost you some games. Try to practice being calm and collected before heading out to play.