The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for eCommerce

Are you thinking of new, improved affiliate marketing strategies to implement in Malaysia? Engaging in affiliate marketing is a brilliant idea in this digital age. In fact, according to Business Insider, affiliate marketing income has grown by around 10% every year since 2015. This dynamic increase may continue until the year 2021. There is no doubt that this digital marketing strategy is effective for those in the ecommerce industry.

Apart from Amazon Associates, there are other popular affiliate marketing programs that can help ecommerce businesses.

1.The Zalando Partner Program

The affiliate commissions under Zalando Partner Program can reach up to 8%. It has vast selection of accessories, shoes, and clothing. This platform is also home to big customer community, which brings further value.

2.AliExpress Affiliate

AliExpress Affiliate offers a variable commission as high as 50%. Its affiliate marketing program is clearly a reference in ecommerce.

3.Etsy Affiliates

Etsy is still considered as one of the most interesting affiliate marketing programs, despite is low affiliate commission of 4%. It offers a vast range of products that attract a passionate, creative audience.

4.eBay Affiliates

With extremely high affiliate commissions, between 40% to 80%, the affiliate program under eBay clearly is something is worth exploring. It offers multiple solutions that can monetize third-party apps and websites.