Some Amazing Uses for Baby Bibs


They can be used to help prevent a messy baby. I am talking about baby bibs of course and in this article, I will discuss some amazing uses for them.


When you are eating in a restaurant, there are usually some napkins that you can use for you and your baby. However, some parents do not want to use them for their babies as it may be too dirty for them (at a microscopic level).

Fortunately, you can actually use some baby bibs to help wipe their mouth from the food that they ate. I suggest that you bring a couple of them when you are heading out.

Place Mats

At some point, your baby is going to get hungry and you need to feed them whatever it is that they need. If your baby is old enough to eat solid foods, baby bibs can be especially handy.

Not only can you use them as napkins but you can also use them as placemats as well. You can either put your baby over it or you can use it as a placemat for their food. It is really convenient!

Breastfeeding Drapes

Breastfeeding might be sort of a taboo in some countries, especially when they’re done in public places. But, if your baby is hungry, they do not care about moral conventions; they just want to be fed!

Fortunately, you do not need to bring with you a huge blanket to cover your baby up as you can use some baby bibs to cover your breast and your baby while they’re feeding. Using them as drapes is actually quite easy to do and I am surprised that not a lot of moms are doing this!


When your baby starts to explore by doodling or using crayons for crafting, then you can use baby bibs as a protection for their work surface; making things easier to clean in the process.

Furthermore, when there are a lot of things on the floor or on the table, using baby bibs would prevent them from slipping or hurting themselves.


One unconventional but cool way of utilizing a baby bib is to turn it into a decoration or crafty materials. You can either have your baby wear it as a bandana or you can even color it and hang it up as part of their room decoration!

Car Seat Protection

When you are bringing your baby along for the ride, you will always have to have some snacks for them at the ready. And, since your child can get pretty messy, having some bibs around can certainly help make the cleaning process so much easier. Not only are you protecting your baby and their car seat, but you are also protecting the other parts of the vehicle as well.