Minimalist Mother Spends Nothing on Her New Baby and Toddler


Did you just get a new baby jogging stroller in Malaysia for your little one? Shopping for your baby is exciting and fun, but parenting is far more than buying strollers and baby accessories. Taking care of kids these days come with a heavy price tag, that it becomes very overwhelming for parents. Do you think it’s possible to have children without spending lots of money?

Learn from Hattie Garlick, a British mommy blogger. After losing her job before Christmas in 2012, she pledged against consumerism. Together with her husband who is a musician and carpenter, she implemented a spending freeze on children-related stuff the entire 2013. Medical and child care expenses are the only exceptions.

She was prepared to spend nothing for Johnny, her toddler son. That only means no child-specific clothes, snacks or entertainment tools for an entire year.

The zero-spending spree turned more challenging when she discovered that she was pregnant with a daughter. This further motivated her to explore minimalist parenting. Consumerism aims at young girls in a more toxic way, and encourages them to be more interested in the color pink. It pushes them to be princesses. She wants to protect her future daughter as long as possible.

Hattie Garlick’s manifesto may have started because of family financial problems, but minimalist parenting is rapidly becoming a trend in most societies. It is more than just saving money. Mindful parenting means slowing down, and focusing on what is occurring in the present.

At times, it’s difficult to focus on our children and family because of too much clutter. There are a millions of toys to clean up each night! By being a mindful parent, you can focus on your child’s routine more, as well as his and her education.