How To Pick Best Veg and Fruits


Everyone must know how we feel if we are going to buy some fruits and vegetables. It is common when people would choose the best because we all want the best for ourselves. Choosing and picking this stuff have their own tricks and tips. If you chose the wrong one then you might just throw it away if it is spoiled and keep for another day if it is not ripe yet. Dot dont worry, fortunately selecting the right and the best fruits and vegetables are not as hard as you think. As long as you apply these tips when you buy it at the supermarket or wet market.

Every vegetable and fruit have their own clue to tell whether it is fresh or not. But still you don’t need to memorize and torture your head just to remember these stuffs. It is easy and you don’t need to give a lot of effort to it. But if you want to make it easier you can try to buy fruit and veg online. If not, feel free to try this when you go shopping.


Here actually are the basics before we go deeper. First of all, to tell whether the fruits or veg are good or not, just look at their condition. Look at the colour and verify if the smells are not right and the colour also not convincing, then just walk away and from far from it. For melon, pick up first and feel by your hand way before you squeeze it. Melons should be firm and not rock hard, also smooth and even. If you feel some dents and pit under the surface, just put it back. The fruit might be damaged by shipping and it’s slowly rotting. For berries, plum and nectarines are rock hard, it is a sign that they are not ripe yet.

Other than that, you should sniff a little on the fruit. A fine fruit should give a light aroma, but if the smell is strong then it is overripe. You but it is okay, overripe is always better then rot.


Actually, some fruit rules can be applied to vegetables. You should pay attention to the colour and its firmness. Firmness is crucial for vegetables like cucumber, potatoes, onion, peppers and whatsoever. Softness on these vegetables is a no no sign. It is rotted if it is soft.

Moreover, for vegetables that are leafy such as kale and lettuce, please pay attention to its colour and firmness. Teared or a little bit of yellow colour spot should be an exception. What you should be more alert about is the green colour of the leaves and the sounds when you snap it. Look for its crispness and you will find you perfect veg

Trust your senses when you go shopping. This is also for your own benefit, you can prevent yourself from consuming bad ingredients. Feel free to apply and share these tips with others.