7 Steps to Guide You in Choosing the Correct Watch for You

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Unlike a car, a watch should be worn every day. It is a nice accessory that can not only help you tell the time but also provides a lot of meaningful features that can improve your life.
There are plenty of men’s watches out there and the possibility of you choosing an incorrect one is so high due to the many options available to you.
Fortunately, you will not go about this alone since I will be providing you with seven steps to help guide you in choosing the correct watch for you.

  • Choose One Based on Your Specific Use-case

The first thing that you need to consider is finding a watch based on your specific set of needs. Do you need a watch that you can wear on formal occasions or do you want a timepiece that can help you track your steps and monitor your heart rate?

  • Find the Right Type

At the time of writing this article, there are about 20 different watch types in existence and each one of them is perfect for a specific scenario.
For instance, a dress watch is definitely something that you’d want to buy if you want a watch that you can wear in black-tie events. A dive watch is certainly appealing for divers and a sports watch may be ideal for more active individuals.

  • Choose the Right Complications

Before anything, watch complications are just the extra features that are added to a watch aside from its basic functionality, which is to tell time.
Do you need a chronograph? How about a perpetual calendar? Perhaps you do not want to deal with batteries and are thinking about getting an automatic watch? Think about the features that you want your preferred watch to have.

  • The Watch Movement

The watch movement is just that: It talks about the mechanism that is responsible for how your watch operates. A mechanical watch is not for mainstream use, so your choices are either automatic or quartz.
An automatic watch uses a rotor that helps give continuous power to your watch. As long as you are wearing the watch on a consistent basis, it should have enough power to operate.
A quartz watch is much cheaper but its tick-tock movement might not appeal to a lot of people. This type of watch movement is powered by a battery, unlike the automatic watch’s mainspring.

  • Consider the Physical Aspects of the Watch

At this point, you should be looking at the physical aspects of the watch. Think about the diameter, the width of the strap, the color, and the strap. All of these are subject to one’s own preference

  • More Expensive=Higher Quality

There is a reason why some watchmaking companies like Rolex and Patek Philippe sell expensive watches than others and that is mainly due to the quality of watchmaking. In this regard, the more expensive the timepiece is, the higher the quality is (at least, usually).

  • Price

The last thing that you should consider is the price. I’ve mentioned previously that the more expensive the watch is, the better its quality, but it should only be the case if the watch has the features that you want. All of the other things must be considered first before thinking about the price.