5 Masculine Living Room Ideas


1. Unleash The Wood

Are you looking for a home renovation contractor in Malaysia that can help you in giving your living room a new look? Make sure to choose the right professionals who can help you incorporate wooden furniture in your design. Wooden furniture pieces can serve as symbols of raw masculinity and strength.

2. Furniture For Additional Impact

A man’s living room must be furnished with metal, leather and wood. The couch should be comfortable and big. A statement floor lamp should be in at least one corner of the entire room. Graffiti murals and metal coffee tables are also masculine favorites.

3. Tech

Do you live with your mom or partner? If yes, then surely you are familiar with that unique feminine tendency to hide game consoles and other gadgets. See to it that your living room design celebrates your consoles and other electronic devices. Think of technology as sleek home accessories.

4. Think Big

Out an oversized furniture piece in your living room that can function as a focal point. This can be a huge art work or a piece of furniture. A phallic-shaped statue is an option, but you should also consider a huge couch, mounted antlers, flat-screen television and statement rug.

5. Sleek Refinement

Masculine living room interiors have gone a long way from the days of scruffy simplicity. When it comes to designing a captivating personal space, there is no need to deny your masculine, extravagant side. At this day and age, masculine design already equates with sophistication and sleek refinement.